Switzerland Marathon light: Combining Finisher-Clips and Virtual Reality

Since 2014, Viktor Röthlin, European Champion of the Marathon in Barcelona 2010, has been organizing the “Switzerland Marathon light” in Sarnen, Switzerland. This year the competition “Beat Vik” was launched. The concept: Viktor Röthlin starts time-staggered to other participants and rolls-up the field from behind. Winners are those participants he doesn’t overtake. This year, iRewind […]

Bucher Municipal: Virtual reality with real added value

Bucher Municipal has shown how the use of Virtual Reality offers real added value. The topic: The first CityCat 2020ev, the first full electric sweeper in the 2 m³ class, was in the middle of 2017 on roadshow. They work just as thoroughly as a diesel vehicle, but quieter, emission-free and exhaust-free. In the long […]