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Bucher Municipal: Virtual reality with real added value

Bucher Municipal has shown how the use of Virtual Reality offers real added value. The topic: The first CityCat 2020ev, the first full electric sweeper in the 2 m³ class, was in the middle of 2017 on roadshow. They work just as thoroughly as a diesel vehicle, but quieter, emission-free and exhaust-free. In the long […]

Video strategy of Arosa Tourism: the 4 success factors of the campaign “Bärenland”

Arosa Tourism has succeeded – the project “Arosa Bärenland” has been adopted by the people of Arosa with a clear YES. The project is innovative and forward-looking. The team behind the project showed great enthusiasm and commitment, and also acted professionally from communication. In the shortest possible time, well-established communication channels were available. In the […]